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Greetings from our president

In the time when global optical industry is advancing rapidly, technological innovations continue to take place world-wide at an astonishing speed. As a distributor, we started to introduce cutting-edge products and latest technological information to our customers in Japan in early stage.

In recent years, industrial structures in Japan have encountered a dramatic change and an increasing number of Japanese companies are expanding their business to overseas. Therefore, we have also built a new business model to expand our market globally targeting, in particular, ever fast growing Asian market.

We will continue to foster a trusting relationship with our customers in Japan and suppliers from overseas and we aim to drive global expansion with our partners to achieve mutual success.
We will devote all our energy to contribute to the further development of the optical industry in Japan and Asia.


Corporate Policy

As a professional organization with diverse creativity and a spirit to excel, we are committed to achieving the mutual prosperity of our partners, customers and ourselves. It is also our mission to contribute to the preservation of the environment as a responsible corporate organization.

Business Policy

We strive to develop a global network link between our clients and partners in order to provide superior products and services in the leading-edge optical industry. Our goal is to become a Total-Optical-Solution-Company offering advanced optical solution business with highly added value.

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