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  • Patch Cords / Cable Assemblies

    Patch Cords / Cable Assemblies

    ASSEMBLIES An assembly is a grouping of optical fibers that is most often used to change light flux format or distribution, or to route light to multiple sites. An assembly could take the form of a cluster of optical fibers in a hexagonal array at one end, with a linear array of the same fibers or multiple branches of individual fibers at the other.
  • TransMagic PowerPacks

    TransMagic PowerPacks

    TransMagic PowerPacks allows for complete design freedom, control and quality. From within your favorite design foundation, work on ANY files supported by TransMagic. The translation step is automatic- view your file in seconds! TransMagic PowerPack allows you to utilize your design features as well as TransMagic features such as MagicSuface, creating the best quality file for your design. Ready to save?! TransMagic PowerPack allows you to save out to any file supported by TransMagic, too!
  • USB uEye SE

    USB uEye SE

    The USB uEye SE is a line of compact industrial USB cameras. It features a cube-shaped small housing and is available with CCD and CMOS sensors. It comes with opto-isolated trigger and strobe and is offered with a variety of robust cables. The USB uEye SE also has built-in trigger and strobe that are accessible via a lockable connector. The USB uEye SE is ideally suited for automation and quality inspection applications.
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